Building A Cheap Computer Out Of Cheap Computer Parts

There are only a few ways to get a cheap computer these days. You either get a cheap computer by purchasing a computer which is not top of the line or by assembling your own cheap computer.

A new top of the line computer is almost ALWAYS way more power then what people need when a cheap computer will allow you to do the same things at a fraction of the cost.

My Favorite Computer Books

Here are some computer books which I have read and enjoyed. These books can be enjoyed by most anyone, regardless of your computer background. These books are on a range of subjects that interest me.

I hope you enjoy them.

The Official eBay Bible
This book is pretty cool for any of you looking to open your own eBay business or just learn how to get a good deal on anything from that digital camera to that vintage turkey baster you've always dreamed of. Definatly a good read.

How to install operating system books

I'd love to go in depth with instructions on how to install operating systems, however I don't have the time to cover all the different versions of operating systems that are available on the market. I can however recommend some excellent information packed books which will have you installing your operating system in no time flat.

Good books for building your own cheap computer

Below are a few books that some readers and myself have found very informative. These books should be very useful in helping you build your own cheap computer.

Building a PC for Dummies
I really liked this book on how to build a computer because it gives a very humorous approach to building your own computer. The humorous approach is great because it prevents the material from getting dry and keep you interested in a material that many people find quite boring.

Guide to antivirus software and virus protection

Keeping your computer free and safe from viruses is usually a lot easier than most people think, all you need is a little preventative maintenance and a good antivirus program.

If you follow these simple steps for virus prevention, you should be able to keep your computer virus free.

RAM / Memory Installation Guide

RAM / Memory installation is fairly easy, but you must be careful not to damage it because one messed up bit can cause you computer to crash constantly.

NOTE: Make sure you have the right kind of RAM / memory for your cheap computer, you motherboard book will say what type of RAM / memory you will need for your cheap computer.

SDRAM / Memory Installation

RAM / Memory Installation

SDRAM can be distiguished from DDR RAM by its notches. SDRAM has 2 notches, one in the middle and one near the edge of one side.

Hard Drive, CDROM, Floppy Drive Installation Guide

Hard Drive / CDROM Installation

The installation of a hard drive or CDROM for your cheap computer is relativley straight forward but it can be plugged in wrong so make sure you follow the directions carefully.

Setting Up the Drive

Two seperate cables plug into your hard drive or CDROM, the power and an IDE cable. The power cable powers the drive and the IDE cable connects the drive with your the motherboard of cheap computer. The drive also has a set of jumper pins that need to be configured for the drive to work.

PCI Card Installation Guide

cheap computer parts

PCI Card Installation Guide

PCI cards are all you expansion card for stuff that is not neccessary to run your cheap computer, like your sound card or modem or ethernet card (high-speed internet card). These cards all install the same so once you know how to do one you know how to do them all.

NOTE: Have the motherboard for your cheap computer installed before installing any PCI cards

Find your PCI slots and pick a slot that you want to intall your PCI card into.

Video Card Installation Guide

Video Card Installation

Video Card installation is quite simple and can be done in under 5 minutes. A few presses here and a couple of clicks there and you're done.

NOTE: Have the motherboard for your cheap computer installed before installing your video card

Ok, so now onto the install, grab the video card for your cheap computer and locate the AGP slot.

If you are having trouble locating it, check out my cheap computer parts layout by clicking here.

CPU Installation Guide

CPU Installation

Installing a CPU is a reatively simple process and not as hard as you may think. All socket CPUs, Intel and AMD, are installed the same way, so don't worry about what type of cheap CPU you bought. Before we go ahead and install the CPU in your cheap computer, make sure you have a good size work area cleared on your table.

NOTE: If the motherboard is already installed in you cheap computer case, make sure the power has been disconnected. For instructions on removing the power, click here.

Computer Parts List

Here is my list of all the parts we will be using to build your cheap computer.

Cheap CPU

The CPU (Cental Processing Unit) is the brain of your cheap computer. I recommend you get at least a 2.0 Ghz Intel CPU, either a Celeron for a lower price, or for better performance a Pentium 4.
Intel P4 3.06GHz / 512K Cache / 533MHz FSB / Socket 478 / Processor
Get a great deal this blazing Pentium 4 3.06Ghz CPU with fan here.

If you are looking for a different CPU, maybe an AMD Athlon or a more powerful Pentium4, check out this list of cheap CPUs.

How to Build A Cheap Computer

So you want to build a cheap computer? Below I've created an overview of the parts you'll need to create your own cheap computer and the guides to install them.

I find that this type of computer will give you the best performance for your dollar.

I've also created a list of all the computer parts we will be using to create your cheap computer. To see my parts list, Click here

Guide to Buying A Server

Buying a server is a big decision for anyone, whether you are a large firm, a little start-up or one person. Though servers cost more than your average desktop or even high end laptop, servers handle many more processes than either the desktop or laptop and are very unlikely to crash or bog down with heavy usage.

Guide to Buying A Cheap Computer Printer

There are basically 2 types of printers to concider when looking to buy a cheap computer printer; a laser printer or an ink jet printer.

Ink Jet Printers

Ink Jet Printers are the most common printer you will find. They are highly versatile printers and are capable of printing anything in black and white or color. You can also use an ink jet printer to print your photos on photo quality paper. The Pages Per Minute(PPM) on an ink jet printer may be lower than that of a laser printer but the cheaper price and versatility of the ink jet printer more than make up for this.

Guide to Buying A Cheap Computer Monitor

So you're looking to buy a monitor? Well here is my guide to buying a cheap computer monitor. The monitor is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will buy for your cheap computer. You will have to look at it constantly for hours and hours, so it had better be something that appeals to your eyes.

Now don't fall for the pitch that the bigger the monitor the better, because size isn't the only thing that matters here. There is also the dot pitch, resolution, and refresh rate.

Dot Pitch


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