Good books for building your own cheap computer

Below are a few books that some readers and myself have found very informative. These books should be very useful in helping you build your own cheap computer.

Building a PC for Dummies
I really liked this book on how to build a computer because it gives a very humorous approach to building your own computer. The humorous approach is great because it prevents the material from getting dry and keep you interested in a material that many people find quite boring.

I give this book two thumbs up!

Building and Repairing PCs
While this book on repairing and upgrading your computer may not be as humorous and entertaining as Building a PC for Dummies, it is a VERY in depth and resourceful book. The information in this book is so deeply covered that it is also used as a text book for university students and is currently on its 13th revision. I still refer to this book on occasion when buffing up on my theory