How to install operating system books

I'd love to go in depth with instructions on how to install operating systems, however I don't have the time to cover all the different versions of operating systems that are available on the market. I can however recommend some excellent information packed books which will have you installing your operating system in no time flat.

The operating system of choice these days is Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition. I recommend this version of windows for its extreme ease of use in both the installation and normal everyday use. Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition is leaps and bounds better than Windows 98, in both useability and functionality.

Windows XP Inside Out
This book is the epitome of Windows XP books. Whats great about this book is that it doesn't matter what your current knowledge level is. Whether you are a total beginner with absolutely no knowledge of computers to an advanced computer user just flowing with knowledge, this book covers every aspect of Windows XP. After reading this book you will walk away an expert on Windows XP, I guaruntee it.

Red Hat Linux 9 Bible
Linux can be quite the complicated operating system to install, even with the online documentation. That is why I highly recommend picking up a detailed Linux guide, like this Linux Bible, to help walk you though all the steps. This book is part of the bible series which has always adheared to very high standards, and this book in no exception. This book is up to date on Red Hat Linux 9; the most recent version of Red Hat Linux out there.

Windows 98 For Dummies
If you are still looking to run Windows 98 and you need some further information on installing and maintaining your computer, then I recommend picking up Windows 98 for Dummies. Like the rest Dummies series this book keeps your laughing while also teaching you the ins and outs of Windows 98.