How to Build A Cheap Computer

So you want to build a cheap computer? Below I've created an overview of the parts you'll need to create your own cheap computer and the guides to install them.

I find that this type of computer will give you the best performance for your dollar.

I've also created a list of all the computer parts we will be using to create your cheap computer. To see my parts list, Click here

As of now the best CPUs you can get for the lowest dollar value are the Intel Celeron CPUs. For a little more performance you can move into the Intel Pentium CPUs.

A-CPU Socket - This is where you attach your Intel Pentium or Celeron.
CPU installation guide

B-External Hardware Connectors - This is where you plug in your external parts, like you keyboard, mouse, and printer.

C-AGP Socket - This is where you plug in your graphic card, if the motherboard on your cheap computer requires one.
Video card installation guide

D-PCI Slots - This is where your attach other parts to your cheap computer such as a sound card and modem.
PCI card installation guide

E-IDE Plugs - This is where you plug in the IDE cables that attach your hard drive, CD/DVD-ROM and floppy drive.
Hard drive, CDROM, floppy drive installation guide

F-RAM Slots - This is where you attach you RAM.
RAM installation guide