CPU Installation Guide

CPU Installation

Installing a CPU is a reatively simple process and not as hard as you may think. All socket CPUs, Intel and AMD, are installed the same way, so don't worry about what type of cheap CPU you bought. Before we go ahead and install the CPU in your cheap computer, make sure you have a good size work area cleared on your table.

NOTE: If the motherboard is already installed in you cheap computer case, make sure the power has been disconnected. For instructions on removing the power, click here.

Now we begin to install that CPU in your cheap computer. Place the socket 478 Motherboard on the table and locate the socket for the CPU, it is usually better to install the CPU in the motherboard of your cheap computer before you place the motherboard in the in your cheap computer case, but if you are just upgrading your CPU or if the motherboard is already installed in yor cheap computer case do't worry about it, it can be done just as easily in the cheap computer case.

If you are having trouble locating it, check out my cheap computer parts layout by clicking here.

Then make sure the lever is in the up position, with the lever down the socket is locked and you wont be able to install the CPU. Next Place the CPU in the socket on your motherboard, there are notches and markers to show you the right way to plug the CPU in. You should orient the CPU correctly before plugging it in.

Correct Orientation of a socket CPU

Place the CPU into the socket, you should not have to force it, it should fit in very easily. If you find it tough to plug in, check to make sure the lever is up and the CPU has the correct orientaton.

Now, with the CPU plugged in, lower the lever to lock the CPU in position.

The heat sink is a very important peice of your cheap computer. It keeps the CPU from overheating and crashing your whole system. Heat sinks come in many different shapes and most will do the job, although you should make sure that heat sink you have will keep that CPU of your cool.

Now grab the thermal grease that came with your heatsink, if yours didn't come with any it would be a good idea to pick some up from your local computer store, although it isn't necessary it helps to keep that CPU cool as a cucumber. Apply the thermal grease to the raised portion of the CPU and not on the circuit board.

Now place the heatsink on top of the CPU, the heatsink has a raised lip on the bottom, this lip sits over the higher section on the socket. Attach the levers on the heatsink to the matching hooks on the socket below it. take your time with this so you don't damage the CPu or the motherboard.

Congratulations, you have now installed a CPU in your cheap computer!