Video Card Installation Guide

Video Card Installation

Video Card installation is quite simple and can be done in under 5 minutes. A few presses here and a couple of clicks there and you're done.

NOTE: Have the motherboard for your cheap computer installed before installing your video card

Ok, so now onto the install, grab the video card for your cheap computer and locate the AGP slot.

If you are having trouble locating it, check out my cheap computer parts layout by clicking here.

Now plug the video card into the AGP slot, it will only fit one way so you shouldn't have too much trouble, but incase you are, the port your monitor plugs into needs to face away from the motherboard. You should not have to force it, so if you find your video card won't fit, check and make sure the video card you bought is compatable with the motherboard you have.

Well, now that thats done, just make sure you screw the video card into the case for your cheap computer and you are done!

Way to go! You now have a video card installed into your cheap computer!